House of Joy

Sheshemene, Ethiopia

House of Joy

Sheshemene, Ethiopia

About House of Joy

Ethiopia is a beautiful land-locked country almost twice the size of Texas. The country terrain consists of mostly high plateau with a central mountain range divided by the Great Rift Valley.

75 million people live in Ethiopia, most living in the central highlands. According to some official statistics, over 65% of the Ethiopian population live below poverty level. The average per capita income in Ethiopia is around $870 USD. This income cannot begin to meet the cost-of-living needs of a family.

There are over 5 million orphaned children in Ethiopia, and almost one million of these have been orphaned through HIV/AIDS. UNICEF data states there are more than 300,000 orphaned children living on the streets nationwide with 100,000 in Addis Ababa alone. The average age at which children begin living on the streets in Ethiopia is 10 years old, but 20% of the street children are under the age of five.

The House of Joy receives abandoned babies from the Ethiopian Social services, and cares for them until the babies are placed in loving homes.  Many of these families are childless couples who are overcome with joy at being able to adopt these precious babies.

About Ethiopia

Population: 105 million

Number of Orphans: 4.5 Million*

*Numbers are approximations

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