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Beautiful Gate

Cape Town, South Africa

What started as a street children’s home in Muizenberg, Cape Town, South Africa in 1994 has grown and developed into a ministry working to reach the community through child health, family strengthening and education. 

Beautiful gate is operating a Community Development Program that includes: Youth development, community networking, a resource center and strengthening families. 

Beautiful gate is also operating a community support program that includes: a pediatric ARV clinic, crisis care and reunification.

Beautiful Gate South Africa is seeking to reflect God’s image as we care for and protect children, preserve and empower families, and mobilize our local community.

Mission Statement

Toby and Aukje Brouwer 

Married at a young age and blessed with three beautiful children Toby and Aukje lived in an idyllic village that was both comfortable and quite predictable. They never dreamed of moving away from their hometown in Friesland, and yet, that is exactly what they did.

We exchanged the green meadows of Friesland for the fairest Cape in the world, Cape Town.  There we embarked on an extraordinary journey, met amazing people, had our hearts broken more than once while providing shelter to street children, and managed a home for children with HIV/AIDS.

Aukje Brouwer
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Beautiful Gate

Cape Town, South Africa

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