Beautiful Gate

Cape Town, South Africa

Beautiful Gate

Cape Town, South Africa

About Beautiful Gate

Beautiful Gate was established in 1994 and was initially a street children’s home and a hospice in Cape Town for children dying with HIV/AIDS. They support families and communities through their projects in caring for orphans and other vulnerable children and families. In addition to this, they provide direct support to children and families in need.

Mission Statement

“Beautiful Gate South Africa seeks to reflect God’s image as we care for and protect children, preserve and empower families, and mobilize our local community.

The Community Development Program Includes

  • Youth Development
  • Community Networking
  • Resource Center
  • Strengthening Families

The Community Support Program Includes

  • Pediatric ARV Clinic
  • Crisis Care
  • Reunification

South Africa

27,977,863 national population

68.7% live below the poverty line

1.47 million children in Mozambique are estimated to be orphans

Our Work Here

Started working in 2012 ???

10,000 (?) Children Helped

$$ Invested???