Foster Family Network

Jinja, Uganda

Foster Family Network

Jinja, Uganda

Changing The Lives of Orphans in Uganda

The Foster Family Network began in the 1990s when eight members of Sam Kisolo’s family died of AIDS in one year, leaving 14 children orphaned. Sam’s family plunged into the world of orphans, profoundly impacting their lives.

Since that time, Sam and his wife Irene have adopted more than 37 children plus their four biological children. These children are orphaned through accidents and illness, but most through the ravages of AIDS.

The Foster Family Network partners with Habitat for Humanity to build brick homes for Widows and child-led families who are living in mud huts. These families become part of this life-changing Network.

“We don’t just teach our children to work; we teach them to love work. Only by loving work can they break the cycle of poverty”. ~ Sam Kisolo

Sam and Irene have challenged many other families to adopt orphans in their country and become part of the Foster Family Network. The Network also helps widows, whose husbands have died of AIDS.

The Foster Family Network cares for 270 children in 27 families.

About Uganda

Location: East Africa

Population: 42.7 million

Capital: Kampala

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