Foster Family Village Schools

Jinja, Uganda

Sam and Irene Kisolo started the Uganda Foster Family Village Schools in order to provide an education to very poor children located in remote, rural villages who cannot afford to attend public school.

Unlike public schools in most Western countries, public schools in Uganda are not free. In order to get an education, families must pay for uniforms, books, paper, supplies, one day of their education per week. In addition, they must pay for every test and exam that their children take.

It ends up costing them nearly $450/year for each child in primary school, $600/ year for each child in middle school, and $800/year for each child in High School. This price is far more than most of these families can pay since their average income is around $1100 – $1200/year.

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Without these village schools, these children would not get an education.

There are two schools, Kindergarten – 7th Grade located in the villages of Kyabato and Kangulumira.

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Foster Family Village Schools

Jinja, Uganda

Together we are changing the lives of orphans

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