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Foster Family Village Schools

Jinja, Uganda

A lack of access even to basic education is hard to imagine.  How is that even possible? In Uganda, public education is not free. It costs each child $450/year for primary school, $600/ year for middle school and $800/year for High School. These costs are for uniforms, books, paper, supplies, exams and tests and even one day of education per week.  

Try to imagine you are a family living in rural Uganda. You have your personal farm, that at least helps provide food for your family.  Your kids help bring the water needed to grow your crop. You are living on $2 a day… each day is a struggle to survive. You have hopes for your children, visions of a future, but are hopeless to provide it.  The struggle is insurmountable and the vicious cycle of extreme poverty continues. 

When Sam and Irene Kisolo started fostering and adopting children, they realized the needs were so much greater. One of the ways they saw a solution to ending poverty was providing education. The Kisolo’s vision grew beyond the needs of their family to the Foster Family Village Schools. They now have two K-7th grade schools in the villages of Kyabato and Kangulumira. These schools provide an education to these very poor children, located in remote rural villages, who cannot afford to attend public school. 

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Without these village schools, these children would not get an education.

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Foster Family Village Schools

Jinja, Uganda

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