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Fountain of Hope Children's Home

Bulawayo, Zimbabwe

Since 2000, the Fountain of Hope Children’s Home has been reaching out to widows and vulnerable children in Zimbabwe.

They are bringing many into a secure home, providing the care they so desperately need. The Peniel Home is on an old farm property, it is a two-story homestead with a large number of cottages and even a farm! This is providing a wonderful place for children to grow up. Not all are permanent residents, however this home currently has ____ people residing there!

The Fountain of Hope Children’s Home is committed to being a beacon of hope to orphans, vulnerable children and widows in downtrodden communities affected by HIV/AIDS and poverty.

Mission Statement

Key ways the Fountain of Hope is being a beacon of hope are through:  

  • The Mthombothemba Orphan Feeding Program 
  • Orphan Education Assistance 
  • Counseling Support Camps 
  • Empowerment initiatives 

Mthombothemba (population 2,250), where the Fountain of Hope is located, is a drought filled region with a high HIV prevalence rate. Because of this the community is full of orphans, many who are the head of their families. While there are many widows, there are also many single mom’s as husbands head to South Africa in search of work.  


Gideon & Jennifer Chisamba  

Gideon comes from a very poor community, his father passed away when he was very young and because of this he had to drop out of school. He blamed God for his situation. Gideon had good friends who brought their books for him to study from and he eventually was able to return to school. But his desire to be a teacher was thwarted because of his financial situation. 

A changing point came in his life one night when,


“God met me and told me he died for me out of His love for me.”

Gideon Chisamba

It was the first time he sensed there was someone who loved him. After meeting his wife, they moved their family to Zimbabwe! 

“I realized God was calling me to communicate His love for vulnerable children, orphans and the poor.” 

Gideon Chisamba
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Fountain of Hope Children's Home

Bulawayo, Zimbabwe

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