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House of Peace

New Delhi, India

Established in 2000, the House of Peace is a home for the poor, needy, and destitute kids from India. The House of Peace is a refuge for children who have been rescued from human trafficking, abandonment, begging, drugs, prostitution, crime, rape and poverty.

“Our passionate desire is to be used by God to bless the children who are suffering in India”!

The House of Peace is providing spiritual, physical, emotional and academic care for 43 children who come from various backgrounds from all around India. The House of Peace is serving boys and girls from villages, slums and even the streets. The home is a family style home, complete with parental figures. While coming from uncertain pasts, these children are full of vision and purpose. Several of the children are now in University studying everything from Theology, Journalism, Fine Arts and Animation!

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House of Peace

New Delhi, India

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