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Leprosy Relief Mercy Ministry

Chennai, India

Chennai Community Development Projects have worked in Chennai since 1993. They are operating several different community development projects including: 

  • A Day Care Centre
  • Leprosy Relief
  • Primary Health Care
  • Saving Groups
  • Tuition Centres (Coaching classes) 
  • A Tailoring Center.


The day care in Adambakkam is providing for the needs of 60 children between the ages of 2 to 5 years old each day. Three teachers and 3 helpers are providing education, medical care, two snacks and a lunch each day, which is allowing the parents to go to their daily wage jobs without worry for their small children.


They have adopted two leprosy villages in the state of Tamilnadu. Chennai Mercy Ministry is providing medical care, basic needs and awareness programs to those in these villages. This is meeting the practical and spiritual needs in order to bring transformation in the lives of the lepers and their children. They are currently distributing monthly provisions for 16 different families!


By running a mobile medical care center with a qualified nurse, the Chennai Mercy Ministry is  meeting the daily needs of sick people in the slums. They are treating 125-140 patients every month. They are distributing needed medicines through their qualified medical staff. The center is providing prenatal and postnatal care with very sick patients being referred to government hospitals. 


Chennai Mercy Ministry is operating micro enterprise development programs for women. They currently have 45 self help groups, with 12-18 students per group. These groups are imparting leadership training, financial principles, and are educating them in how to get involved with micro enterprise. Over 680 women benefit from this program!


This tailoring and embroidery course provides the essential training to receive a respected government certificate upon graduation. 16 women attended the last class. After the course these women are able to find jobs and earn an income to help their families. This allows them to become entrepreneurs and brings respect and transformation in their lives.

Tutoring Centers

Sixteen teachers work at the 7 Chennai Mercy Ministries Tutoring Centers. They reach approx. 650 children. They invest in their education, and meet the emotional and spiritual needs of these youth.


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Leprosy Relief Mercy Ministry

Chennai, India

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