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St. Ameria

Mbiko, Uganda

Located on the outskirts of Jinja Uganda, on Lake Victoria, St. Ameria provides a home to over 40 orphans and other children who had been living on the streets of Jinja. In addition to this, over 300 low-income children attend the St. Ameria K-7 school where they receive a crucial education that would not otherwise be available to them.

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St. Ameria’s History

St. Ameria began in 1994 when Edith began to care for 4 AIDS orphans. Having grown up as an orphan on the streets of Jinja, Edith was rescued by nuns at a local convent and wanted to do the same for other children who had grown up similar to herself.

When other orphans living on the streets heard about St. Ameria, they flocked to the home, and both the school and home were born.  47 Children now live in the home, and 300 children attend the St. Ameria K-7 school. This home and school are transforming the lives of these children.

Streams of Mercy’s support has transformed this home and school.  They now have brick buildings in a walled and gated facility.  We’ve provided funds for buildings, and sanitary toilet facilities. What a joy to partner with St. Ameria in caring for these Ugandan orphans.

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St. Ameria

Mbiko, Uganda

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