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The Forsaken Children

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

About The Forsaken Children

The Forsaken Children began in early 2005 when a short term team traveled to Ethiopia and saw street children in the large African capital for the first time. The team discovered that thousands of children live on the streets of Addis Ababa. The team members felt convicted to not only provide shelter and hope for these street children but also to share the message of God’s love with them.

Not coming from the culture or speaking the language made such a feat seem impossible until they met a young Ethiopian man who made it clear that he loved his country, especially its children. At the end of the trip, the team sat down with this man for The Forsaken Children’s first official meeting. As a result, a special commitment to the street children of Ethiopia was established.

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The Forsaken Children has grown significantly and now cares for hundreds of Ethiopian children.

In 2008, the Kota Ganate Agriculture project was established in Southern Ethiopia to be a support project for the Forsaken Children from within Ethiopia.  Kota Ganate has developed as a working farm, implemented proven sustainable farming practices, to increase the productivity of the land. Through demonstration, training, and technical assistance Kota Ganate has transferred these practices to the farmers in the area. The farmers are now able to increase the productivity and profitability of their land, without having to assume the risks involved with developing new techniques.

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The Forsaken Children

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

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