Video: Earthquake of 2010, St. Marc’s situation

This video is from January 18, 2010 and gives an excellent overview of how our team in Haiti has been able to help the earthquake victims form Port-au-Prince: [youtube=] To give to the Haiti relief fund, simply CLICK HERE or place this address in your web browser: you can give to Streams of Mercy • P.O. Box 3220 • McKinney, TX •

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Video Update: Haiti Earthquake situation Wednesday update 01/20/10

[youtube=] This is a video update from the group that we are working with in Haiti. To give to the Haiti relief fund, simply CLICK HERE or place this address in your web browser: you can give to Streams of Mercy • P.O. Box 3220 • McKinney, TX • 75070.  Send a separate note that it is for the Haiti Relief Fund.(via

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Miracle In Haiti!

Yesterday our YWAM’ers in Port-au-Prince (PAP) came upon people seeking help and a four month old child was discovered pinned under a building. Our rescue team from YWAM sprang into action. After some time the child was removed from the rubble and rushed to a make shift hospital with a large cut on her head. Once there everyone tried to

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E-mail updates from our team in Haiti

Below are the latest e-mail updates from our team on the ground in Haiti.  The needs are staggering, but the YWAM team in Haiti is now receiving the first of MANY shipments of food, medicines, fuel and medical and relief supplies.  Their greatest need right now is for the funds to purchase these supplies.  All of these supplies are being shipped

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They’re Off!

It’s 5 am. Ten minutes ago the team loaded up in the van for one last ride to the airport. There were a few half closed eyes, but still everyone was smiling! This was one terrific time together in India. Last night we took some time to talk about the impact that this trip has had on each of us.

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Last Day in Chennai – PACT Aids home

What a perfect way to finish our time here in India by visiting the PACT Aids home here in Chennai today. PACT has been in operation for the last 12 years, reaching families & individuals who are touched by AIDS. They are helping 250 AIDS families all across Chennai. The 15 kids at the PACT home have a safe place

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Rescue & Restore – Day 3 Part 2

In the afternoon we loaded up in the bus to head to Rescue & Restore…a home that breaks the cycle of kids growing up on the streets. What an amazing work Freddy & Daisy & their staff do to bring the kids in, offer them a good education, and help them work through the trauma from their lives on the

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Preschool in the slum – Day 3 part 1

The slum that our friends Freddy & Daisy work in is home to 4000 people. It’s a rough place for a child to grow up. Most kids roam freely, are left to fend for themselves, and are abused & victimized. We heard stories of children being left all day locked in a hut with no food, so they began to

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Chennai – Day 2 Part 2 – Little Lights, children of lepers

Leprosy seems a disease of the past, but to our surprise we found out there are 54 leper colonies just in the state (Tamil Nadu) that Chennai is in alone. The Little Lights home sits on the outskirts of Chennai and is home to 34 kids whose family members live in leper colonies. The vision of the Little Lights staff

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