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New Creation Center and Family Home

Kampala, Ugandaby Wick Nease The Rhythm’s of Africa Rocked our Hearts This is the final orphanage and children’s home of our trip to Africa.  It’s so hard to believe that we depart tomorrow to return to the USA.  We have had such a tremendous  team with us on this journey and we’ll all be sad to part company at the

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They Have Adopted 27 Kids and Counting!!!

Jinja, Uganda – June 1, 2010by Wick Nease Sam Kisolo’s Uganda Street Kids & Foster Family Network As I sit to write this post I’m completely overwhelmed with the sheer mountain of what we could say about this incredible ministry.   They are doing the impossible with very few resources….I can only imagine what they could accomplish with adequate funding.

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Queen Latifa & Mother Teresa All Rolled Into One

Jinja Uganda, May 2010Siita Nest Mother’s Love Homeby Wick Nease Alice Danced with the Kids How do you describe Alica Kisolo?  I think that the  best way I can describe her is that she is a mixture of Queen Latifa and Mother Teresa.  We arrived at Siita Nest Mother’s Love Home and saw the extensive preparations for our arrival. There

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AIDS, You Have Taken my Father and Mother

Jinja Uganda – May 2010 St. Ameria Orphanage and School Edith is the Director of St. Ameria Driving out of Jinja, you turn on a small road into the village of Mbiko.  Everything changes when you make that turn.  The houses become much smaller.  Children in tattered clothes walk the road, and you are in a new world.  Soon, you

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I LOVE Babies!!!

The Widow’s & Orphans Home in Adama, Ethiopia Losing My Heart Again I was in ‘baby heaven’ when we arrived at the Widow’s and Orphan’s home in Adama, Ethiopia.  We entered the packed courtyard, which was filled with widows and orphans.  Most of the orphans are babies, and immediately the staff started bringing babies for us to hold.  They placed

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The ‘Original’ DHL

Our Team in Tede, Ethiopia We drove out of Addis Ababa and headed South on the next part of our adventure.  After 2 hours, we pulled off the highway, traveled up a dirt road until it ended, and then headed across a large field.  The scene before us was the Africa of National Geographic. When the field ended at an

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Orphans Have Dreams Too!

Our Team with the Street Kids Home in Ethiopia Ethiopia is a desperately needy nation.  There are over 4,000,000 orphans in the nation, and 1,500,000 of them are AIDS orphans.  These children are taken advantage of, used, and then thrown away.  Many of them turn to drugs, and others turn to a life of crime, just to survive.  In the

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Ethiopian Cultural Restaurant

On Wednesday night we made our way through the streets of Addis Ababa, to the Ethiopian Cultural Restaurant.  This is a once in a lifetime experience!  We were greeted by the hostess in traditional Ethiopian dress, and escorted to our tables.  Then, the fun evening began. Traditional Ethiopian Food Served on Injira Bread The Ethiopian food was fantastic.  The serving

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Ethiopia – Our First Few Days

Ethiopian Church   On Sunday, we gathered with over 1,000 Ethiopian believers, and were impacted with the sincere worship and unashamed joy of the African Church. This service gave us a new glimpse of heaven. I could imagine in a new way what heaven will be like with every tribe, and tongue and nation worshipping our great God. Team Members

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