Kampala, Uganda
by Wick Nease

The Rhythm’s of Africa Rocked our Hearts

This is the final orphanage and children’s home of our trip to Africa.  It’s so hard to believe that we depart tomorrow to return to the USA.  We have had such a tremendous  team with us on this journey and we’ll all be sad to part company at the end of our time.

New Creation Center

IMG 0938
New Creation Center Dance Performance

It seems that we have saved one of the best orphan and children’s ministries for last. I was here in Uganda in March and saw the New Creation Center for the first time.  There are about 70 children in the school.  All of them are refugees from the war in the Sudan.  As the war rages in that country, many Sudanese have fled to Uganda, only to find themselves trapped in refugee camps in their new country.

These Sudanese adults and children are isolated, demeaned, and generally despised in their new land.  The children can not go to school, and are locked into a cycle of poverty.  Ken and Sherry Roberts founded “Loving One By One” to help these and many others in Uganda.

IMG 0948
The Rhythms of Africa Rocked Our Hearts!

As we entered the meeting hall at the school, we saw that there had been many preparations for our time.  We were warmly greeted with hugs and smiling faces.  They were waiting for us…. And we were not disappointed.  The kids sang and danced their way into our hearts as they showed us the traditional dances of the Sudan, and of Africa in General.  This is a very skilled team, and we loved being a part of their presentation.

IMG 0952
Celebrating with Baloons and Candy

New Creation Family Home

IMG 0955
New Creation Family Home – What Special Kids!

From the school, we traveled a few miles to the New Creation Family Home.  This place is home to 15 of the most loving, best-adjusted kids I’ve ever met.  They’re also the “huggiest” group I’ve ever seen, too.  The last time I was here, as soon as we pulled into the driveway, the kids came pouring out of the house, and surrounded the car to hug us, even before we got out of the car.  These are HAPPY kids, filled with joy and obviously loved.

After lots of time to just hang out, Sarah led the children in a time of sharing testimonies, singing, dancing, and reciting whole chapters of the Bible.  Wow!!  This was a real challenge to all of us.

IMG 0974
Extreme Makeover – Orphan Edition

After the program, they zeroed in on several who they wanted to do a Kid Makeover of.  It was hilarious to see Donna with her hair up in ribbons!!  I got great photos, but she made me promise not to share them online.

Thank you, Sherry and Ken, for your hearts to love these kids.  Thanks for living out genuine love to these special children!