Jinja, Uganda – June 1, 2010
by Wick Nease

Sam Kisolo’s Uganda Street Kids & Foster Family Network

As I sit to write this post I’m completely overwhelmed with the sheer mountain of what we could say about this incredible ministry.   They are doing the impossible with very few resources….I can only imagine what they could accomplish with adequate funding.

IMG 0803 2
Sam Kisolo

I first met Sam Kisolo in March on my first trip to Uganda.  Sam is one of those deeply impacting people, not just because of what he says, but because of the life he lives.  Sam and Irene had 4 biological children, and then when a couple of relatives died of AIDS, Sam and Irene took their children into their home, adopting them as their own. They first adopted one child, then another, and then yet another one again, until Sam and Irene had adopted 27 children.  Yes, they now have 31 children from 27 years of age to just 6 years old.

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You Have to Love the Kisolo Family Celebration – “Shaking The Bones”

We had the privilege of having dinner in the Kisolo home.  What an event!  I know this is normal for them, but every meal is a logistical challenge.  The children are so impressive!  They are all happy, and very articulate.  They are the kind of children any parent would be very proud of, just very good kids with their heads screwed on right.

Medical Clinic

IMG 0811 2
One Young Patient at the Medical Clinic 

As we arrived at the village medical clinic in Namakandwa, Uganda, patients filled the clinic’s treatment rooms and reception.  The clinic treats 150 patients every week, and for only $800 US, they can provide medical care to 600 patients a month.  This is the only medial care most of them will ever receive.

IMG 0807 2
Namakandwa, Uganda Clinic Staff

Foster Family Network   

IMG 0903 2
Two families with 15 Children are Supported by Sam’s Ministry

Adoption is just the beginning of Sam and Irene’s ministry.  There is a scripture that says “God sets the lonely in families”.  Sam has pioneered a network that is now changing the lives of 165 orphans in Uganda alone. Sam leads a major ministry in Uganda, and has challenged his leadership team to do something about the orphan crisis in Uganda.  There are over 2,000,000 orphans in Uganda from both AIDS and the civil war that has wracked this country for many years.  The staff and leadership team have responded in amazing ways.  They have adopted about 94 children into their own homes, and have sponsored satellite homes where they support families willing to bring those children up as their own.  We traveled to one home with 18 children.  Another had taken in 8.  The story goes on.

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The Children Sang and Danced For Us

We had the privilege of attending the quarterly Foster Family celebration.  The kid’s songs, dances and testimonies pierced our hearts.  This was a ministry living out the mandate for us to “Live your lives in such a way, that they see your good works and glorify your Father who is in Heaven” (Matt. 5:16).  The individual testimonies brought tears to our eyes.  The stories were heartbreaking and uplifting all at the same time. 

IMG 0821 2
We were deeply Impacted by The Kids Testimonies

I was at a loss for words when we left Sam today.  All I could say was “Thank you, Sam for being the heart of Jesus to all of these kids.”