Jinja Uganda, May 2010
Siita Nest Mother’s Love Home
by Wick Nease

IMG 0781
Alice Danced with the Kids

How do you describe Alica Kisolo?  I think that the  best way I can describe her is that she is a mixture of Queen Latifa and Mother Teresa.  We arrived at Siita Nest Mother’s Love Home and saw the extensive preparations for our arrival. There was a large Canvas awning over the sitting area, and the kids were all lined up to share what God has done in their lives through this wonderful home.

IMG 0765
The Siita Nest Children Danced For Us

I was immediately struck by the joy in their eyes, and the confidence in their countenance.  This was a wonderful group of kids, who knew God and His redeeming power in their lives.  Almost all of the kids are orphans from AIDS or from the civil war in Northern Uganda.  They have experienced the worst of lives and circumstances, but the strength of Alice Kisolo, is that she leads her children through their grief, and into the freedom of forgiveness and healing.  These are Happy kids, who have been touched by Alice’s love and God’s love.

IMG 0782
Jeffrey Escaped into the Jungle With His Sister

Jeffrey is one of those young men.  When he was just a boy, Jeffrey’s home in Northern Uganda was invaded by armed rebels.  The family fled from their home, but both of his parents were captured and killed by the guerrillas.  Jeffrey and his sister hid in the jungle and were able to escape.  Their only other family member is an elderly grandmother who could not care for them.  Jeffrey heard about a wonderful home called Siita Nest Mother’s Love home, and applied to come into the home.  He was accepted, and now lives here, while providing help to other relatives.

IMG 0778
The Small Kids Entertained Us As Well

Alice Kisolo has 100 Children in her Siita Nest Mother’s Love Home, and another 85 children in foster families.  A wonderful ministry for a VERY special woman!