IMG 0568
Our Team in Tede, Ethiopia

We drove out of Addis Ababa and headed South on the next part of our adventure.  After 2 hours, we pulled off the highway, traveled up a dirt road until it ended, and then headed across a large field.  The scene before us was the Africa of National Geographic.

When the field ended at an abandoned railroad track, we all piled out of the van and started walking.  Children immediately came out of their yards and joined us on our trek to Pastor Zerahun’s simple home.

IMG 0560
Dried Cow Patty Shed in Ethiopia.  This is their cooking fuel!

I was here in March and told Jan about the fuel of choice for the villagers.  There are not a lot of  trees for cooking fires, so the villagers use dried cow patties to fuel their cooking fires.  We stopped to take a quick picture in front of the shed holding their ‘precious fuel’.

IMG 0565
Presenting the Donkeys to Pastor Zerahun

In March, the Widow’s and Orphans homes had presented sheep and lambs to 10 widows in this village.  This may seem like a simple gift, but it will make all the difference in the lives of these widows.  It will make it possible for them to survive their extreme poverty.

This time, we are here to present two donkeys to Pastor Zerahun and his wife from Streams of Mercy.  This will enable them to carry food, water and food to the needy of his area.  This Donkey Hauling Link (DHL), will provide transport to help many poor villagers in 5 villages in this area.  These are some of God’s hidden heroes scattered around the world.