IMG 0541
Traditional Ethiopian Food Served on Injira Bread
The Ethiopian food was fantastic.  The serving staff came with a huge assortment of food all served directly on Injira bread.  Then came the fun of eating everything with our hands…. no silverware is used, and I have to admit that several people were a little nervous with the experience.  We had beef, lamb, spinach, lentils, and a huge assortment of national dishes.  The Injira bread is “interesting”, and not quite like anything any of us have ever eaten before.
IMG 0545
Colorful Costumes and Amazing Dancers

After this great meal, they treated us to a wonderful show of the traditional tribal dances of Ethiopia.  All of the dancers and musicians were dressed in authentic tribal costumes,  and several of our team had the opportunity to dance with the Cultural staff….others of us tried to hide when they came into the audience. 
IMG 0551
Joy & Donna Enjoying an Ethiopian Meal

This was a very special night, experiencing true Ethiopian culture.