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Formando Vidas

Bogota, Colombia

Since 1983, Formando Vidas has been caring for the street children of Bogota. Among these are children who are victims of drug abuse, prostitution, and those who are refugees from the guerilla and paramilitary Wars.

How do you describe the street children of Bogota?

Unwanted, broken, fatherless, day-to-day existence, abused, uneducated, illiterate, hungry, desperate, slum dwellers, recyclers, homeless, desperate for love, grime, displaced, victims, thieves, violence, survival. These are just some words that describe the children and families that they serve.

Formando Vidas, which is Spanish for “Shaping Lives” is a ministry to children-at-risk in Columbia South America.

They started in 1983 caring for street children. Since that time, they’ve expanded to care for children in areas that are rampant with drug use and abuse, prostitution, and refugees from the guerrilla and paramilitary Wars. They also mentor pregnant teenagers in government facilities.

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Formando Vidas

Bogota, Colombia

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