The Little Stars Children’s Home

Mandalay, Myanmar

The Little Stars Children’s Home

Mandalay, Myanmar

Bringing Hope to Myanmar

Myanmar (Burma) is one of the poorest nations in the world. Many of their children become orphans due to poverty, drug addiction, childhood slavery, and diseases like T.B., malaria, and HIV.

The Little Star’s Home is a refuge for abandoned, exploited, and underprivileged children from 7 different tribal regions across the nation.

The focus of this home is the educational, spiritual, and mental development of each child where they receive a great home atmosphere with the best possible care and love, enabling them to become leaders in their society.

About Myanmar

53.37 million national population

32% live below the poverty line

55% of children live below the poverty line (i)

Our Work Here

Started working in 2012 ???

10,000 (?) Children Helped

$$ Invested???