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inspiring street children

Inspiring Street Children

Radically Changed This is the remarkable story of countless street children whose lives are radically changed because of the House of Hope in Calcutta. It first started because of one woman, Lochumlo (Loch), who chose to step out of her comfort zone and onto the streets of Calcutta.  Lochumlo (Loch) has dedicated her life to inspiring street children. For over

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Irula girl smiling while at the Irula Children's Center transforming vulnerable children through education

Transforming Underprivileged Children Through Education

A Forgotten Tribe The Irula, known as “ones who come from darkness,” have endured insurmountable challenges throughout their history. The Irula Children’s Center seeks to change this. It is transforming underprivileged children through education. They are a people immersed in a rich history. They once thrived in the forests, which led to their impressive knowledge of herbs and natural remedies.

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group of children smiling on streets calcutta

A Beacon of Hope In Calcutta, India

A Beacon of Hope The House of Hope is a place of refuge for children living on the streets of Kolkata, India. It brings hope to the lowest caste in India. This is where families live on a blanket…. if they are fortunate enough. When children go to the House of Hope they receive food, education, medical care and love.

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Project Rescue – Thitali

Located in one of India’s largest Red Light districts, Project Rescue – Thitali provides a refuge for women and children rescued from prostitution and trafficking. Trafficking and sexual exploitation have been in existence in Pune, India for hundreds of years, primarily centered in the city’s Budhwar Peth Red Light district. The streets of this district are packed with story after

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House of Peace

Established in 2000, the House of Peace is a home for the poor, needy, and destitute kids from India. The House of Peace is a refuge for children who have been rescued from human trafficking, abandonment, begging, drugs, prostitution, crime, rape and poverty. “Our passionate desire is to be used by God to bless the children who are suffering in

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Leprosy Relief Mercy Ministry

Chennai Community Development Projects have worked in Chennai since 1993. They are operating several different community development projects including:  A Day Care Centre Leprosy Relief Primary Health Care Saving Groups Tuition Centres (Coaching classes)  A Tailoring Center. DAY CARE CENTER The day care in Adambakkam is providing for the needs of 60 children between the ages of 2 to 5

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Refugee Care Team

Imagine fleeing from your home under religious persecution and war to a country where you don’t speak the language, don’t have a job, don’t have food, don’t have the money for medical care and don’t have a home or even family support. The Refugee Care Team (RTC) is reaching out to people just like this. They are currently meeting the

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a young Central Asian girl plays

Hope Haven Homes – Central Asia

Imagine a life without hope. Raised in an institution, no one teaches you valuable life skills. Your 18th birthday is looming, a birthday many look forward to you dread. You know you will not only be parentless, you will suddenly be homeless. You will be expected to move away from the only place you have ever known and survive on

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