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Project Rescue - Thitali

Pune, India

Located in one of India’s largest Red Light districts, Project Rescue – Thitali provides a refuge for women and children rescued from prostitution and trafficking.

Trafficking and sexual exploitation have been in existence in Pune, India for hundreds of years, primarily centered in the city’s Budhwar Peth Red Light district. The streets of this district are packed with story after story of overwhelming hopelessness, but Project Rescue – Thitali stands out as a beacon of hope in an otherwise very dark place.

From Brothel to Learning Center for women and children.

The COVID-19 Pandemic caused much anguish for those women who were sold into exploitation. In a recent news report, several women expressed their need for alternative means of livelihood. The Coronavirus pandemic has made their lives more uncertain and the possibility of contracting the virus is a formidable but definite concern.

Reaching out to women and children with food and hygiene supplies on a continual basis during the past year,  Project Rescue was able to save many lives once the pandemic hit. More importantly this brought much needed hope to desperate women.

We are alive today only because of provisions you have given to us, but we want to thrive. What can you do to help us learn?

This request has launched the newest project from Project Rescue. Project Thitali (which means Project Butterfly) is a Community Development Program established to empower and transform women and children from the red light district. 

Ultimately Project Thitali will be providing a safe space where the women and children of the red light district can learn skills in order to gain a respectful income. By providing a nutritious meal, few hours of skills development, adult literacy, emotional care, tutoring and online classes, counseling and emotional care they hope to see the cycle of trafficking broken in these women’s lives. 

Project Thithali believes in the transformation of the body, mind and spirit of individuals but the building is currently in the process of transformation. A former brothel, Project Thithali will be a beacon of hope right in the middle of the red light district of Pune. Transforming a place which broke the will and spirits of women and children, will now begin healing these same women. 

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Project Rescue - Thitali

Pune, India

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