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Sold Into Sex Slavery At The Age Of 7

BANU WAS SOLD INTO SEX SLAVERY AT THE AGE OF 7 BY HER MOTHER! Banu’s story is all too familiar in India. Her mother trafficked both of her daughters, with Banu being the youngest child rescued from sex slavery and brought into the Rescue House. She is now 7 years old. Young children command the highest prices when trafficked. The

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Conquering AIDS in Orphans – The Santvana Comforter AIDS Orphanage

Aids and HIV are dreaded words. How do you conquer this dreaded disease? Sometimes there will be a miracle, and a child diagnosed with HIV/AIDS will totally beat the disease. This is rare, but has happened at the Santvana Comforter AIDS Kids Home in Pune, India. The children are given a great diet, and loving care. Eventually they will have

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Yes it’s true! Jan and I were attacked in India. It didn’t happen on the streets. It happened the small apartment, in a plain, ordinary apartment building in Pune, India.  We were the unexpected victims of the attack of precious little kids from the Transition Home of the Good Shepherd Homes. As soon as we walked in the door they

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We arrived into our hotel at 6:00 AM. We would only be able to have about five hours sleep before we headed out for our first orphanage. Our first stop was the Good Shepherd Homes and offices in Talegaon, India. GOOD SHEPHERD HOMES The Good Shepherd Holmes is an amazing ministry in three different locations in this nation. The first

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Little Lights • Children Of Leper’s Home

The children of the Little Lights Children of Lepers Home in Chennai, India We traveled to the Little Lights Children Of Lepers Home in Chennai India.  We arrived just before the children got home from school.  What a delight to see these children that we’ve known for several years and to be amazed by how much they’ve grown since we

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Rescue House – Rescuing Girls From Sex Slavery

Sex Slavery is the hidden secret in most societies. It is not discussed but it affects most families or extended families in a country like India. In India alone 200 girls A DAY are sold into prostitution. This is NOT their choice, and shockingly, 80% of them are sold by family members. We drove through the streets of a major

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The Red Light District • Children of Prostitutes Preschool

A woman in the Red Light waits at her door Light of Life Preschool We traveled through the streets of Pune, India, and were headed to the Red Light District.  This area is on the spiritual dark side of the city.  We had heard of Dr. Ruby for some time and were eager to see this ministry for ourselves.  As

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