A woman in the Red Light waits at her door
Light of Life Preschool
We traveled through the streets of Pune, India, and were headed to the Red Light District.  This area is on the spiritual dark side of the city.  We had heard of Dr. Ruby for some time and were eager to see this ministry for ourselves.  As we walked down the street to a simple doorway, we observed the prostitutes who were out early in the day.  They looked beaten down.  Their eyes were lifeless. 
Children at the Light of Life preschool
We came to the door, turned into the building and walked up an unbelievably dirty stairwell.  At the top of the stairwell, we entered a simple room.  To our great surprise, the room was filled with the energy that only 15 preschoolers could have.  The kids were eager to meet us, and didn’t disappoint us with their joy and energy.  These kids are the children of prostitutes in this very Red Light District.  Without the Light of Life Preschool, these 3-5 year-old children would wander the streets of the city unsupervised while their mothers sleep after a night of soliciting ‘clients’.  
The Light of Life Preschool operates 5 days a week, from Monday to Friday.  The loving staff train in life skills and hygiene, and give the children a spiritual foundation for their lives.  They are prepared for school, and begin to learn their letters and numbers.  Their favorite thing is the arts and crafts times, and a hot lunch, which may be the only hot meal that they receive that day.  This pre-primary day shelter is a safe haven in a very dark place for these kids.
Kids in the Red Light enjoying bubbles
We began to play with the kids and broke out the bubbles.  My grandson, Will, had purchased them because he wanted to do something special for orphans.  The children ran around the room, and jumped and laughed as they tried to pop as many bubbles as possible.  After the bubbles we broke out the balloons.  Again, the room was filed with laughter and joy as the children hit balloons into the air, and ran and played with exuberance.   Someone made a profound comment:  ‘ I think that there will be bubbles and balloons in heaven’.  For these children, this day was heaven on earth.

WickBalloons RedLight
Playing balloons with the Light of Life kids
The Light and Life Preschool has operated on day to day miraculous provision.   The entire operation of this ministry can be funded for only $750.00 per month.  Would your church, home fellowship or business want to support this haven for the children of prostitutes?  Please contact us at if you would like to support this very worthy ministry.