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2021: A Year Of Incredible Impact

This has been an incredible year of caring for the poor and needy! Through all of the challenges our world has faced these past two years, our organization has seen incredible growth and increased impact around the world.  While it is nearly impossible to summarize everything we’ve accomplished in one post, we have gathered several key highlights that have made

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Abandoned Babies Need Formula! House of Joy Ethiopia

The House of Joy Home For Abandoned Babies Needs Formula! The House of joy is a home for abandoned babies brought to us by government social workers. They have no other place to bring these precious children. It is extremely difficult to find formula to feed these little ones. Most of these babies are incredibly malnourished. It’s a great challenge

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temporary tent provides some shade for patients waiting at the village medical center in uganda

Kangulumira Village Medical Clinic is saving lives

The Village Medical Clinic is meeting so many needs! The Kangulumira Village Medical Clinic in Uganda is amazing. This clinic was started in 1993 to help the poorest of the poor. The primary focus was originally to help patients fighting the stigma of AIDS. The people in the area battle the prejudices that come from struggling with a disease all

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Coronavirus Emergency Relief Fund Update

Coronavirus. COVID-19. SARS-CoV-2. Whatever name you go by everywhere you go in the world people know what you are talking about. This is probably one of the few times in history that one word is so easily recognized in every language and people group. While the COVID-19 itself is concerning, the effects reach very deep in every life. While we

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A young Ugandan boy smiling directly at the camera

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