From the red light district we drove to the Comforter Childrens home, which is home to 27 kids (some are HIV+ and some are not). Dr. Ed is the director of both the project in the red light district & the Comforter home. She’s not just taking in kids who have no one else & giving them shelter, but she is loving them like a mother would love her own children. On valentines day she received an amazing gift. Early in the morning on Feb. 14th the door bell rang at the home. When she went to the gate, there was a precious little treasure standing there…a tiny malnourished 4 year old boy with only a note attached saying “I am HIV+ and I have no one”. Since her valentines boy arrived a month ago he has gained weight and is beginning to thrive (above is Dr. Ed and her valentine). While we were with her Dr. Ed gave us a tour of a building in front of the Comforter home that they hope to rent one day soon. If they are able to get it, they would have space for 30 more kids. They only need approx. $4500 to renovate & furnish the building, and about $700 monthly for operating expenses. Streams of Mercy is privileged to come along side this amazing & courageous woman as she extends love & hope to some precious little ones.
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