Hunger Is Heavier Than This Food
Hunger Is Heavier Than This Food


The elderly woman stood bent over and very frail. We were at the food
distribution for destitute widows in the city of Adama, several years
ago. This was their monthly food distribution. 20 widows would receive
a life-sustaining gift of food that day. It was enough food to
sustain them for the next 30 days.


This widow was about 80 years old, one of the oldest in the group. We
had helpers who would carry the sacks of food out to waiting carts.
One cart would take her, and the food, home.
As the helper reached for the sack of food, the woman said “No! I
will carry it!” “Hunger Weighs much more than this sack of food”! She
struggled as the 40 pound sack was placed on her back, then, she
shuffled out of that meeting place. I wanted to force her to let us
help, but I realized that she needed the independence of carrying her
own food. And, what she said was so true. Hunger truly is heavier than
life-sustaining food.

40 Pounds of Food And 1 Liter of Oil
40 Pounds of Food And 1 Liter of Oil

We arrived again in Ethiopia last night after a 21-hour series of
planes and layovers. I was struck once again, by how very far it is
to Africa from McKinney Texas. I collapsed in bed after almost a full
day of international travel. After breakfast this morning, we headed
off to the city of Kore. This is the city that serves as the dump for
the capital city of Addis Ababa. Kore is a desperate city! There are
150,000 people who live around the city dump, and many of them live
off of what they can scavenge from the dump. They find things to sell,
and they find food to eat. They live in one of the poorest cities on
the face of the year. Almost 50% of the people are lepers, and almost
50% of the people in that city are HIV-positive.


Adoption 1:27 is one of the amazing ministries that we support through
streams of Mercy. Families in America can support a family living
around that dump. It only costs $40 a month to change their lives.
Today was the day for the monthly food distribution in the city of
Kore! It was a very emotional day for me. It brought me back to that
time several years ago with that elderly widow. As we saw destitute
families receive received life-sustaining food today, we realized once
again, that small gifts to the most needy in this world can transform
their lives. Adoption 1:27 cares for 97 destitute families in the city
of Kore.