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SIITA Nest Mother’s Love Home

Jinja, Uganda

Located in Jinja, Uganda – the heartbeat of SIITA Nest is to provide care, education, and protection to orphaned, vulnerable, and disadvantaged children.

The SIITA Nest

Since 2002, SIITA Nest has provided shelter, education, and counseling. They also provide outstanding nutritional and medical programs for their children. The greatest challenge that they face is for the funding of the education of their children. The school fees, school supplies, and uniforms are a great expense.

Another great need is for the food costs of feeding this number of children. Food costs have skyrocketed in Uganda in the last year. SIITA Nest has a deep desire to acquire land where they can set up agricultural programs to help raise food for the children.

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The SIITA Nest Mission Statement

SIITA Nest (Salvation Is In Truth Application) provides shelter, food, medical care, education and spiritual support to children in Uganda who have been affected by civil war and AIDS, as well as abandonment and family breakdown.

Alice Kisolo

Mother Teresa Meets Queen Latifah

Alice Kisolo is the director of the SIITA Nest Mother’s Love Home. Alice is an amazing personality. We call her a cross between Mother Teresa and Queen Latifah. She is all of this and more. When we were with SIITA Nest, the children and staff captured our hearts. The children shared testimonies, worship songs and celebration dances. Ugandans have been given incredible gifts of dance and celebration. The children come from extremely difficult backgrounds, but through dance, worship and celebration, the chains of their past have been broken. The best word to describe this home is ‘family’. This caring family has 80 children in the home, and another 200 children in their foster family network.

SIITA Nest was founded through the experience of profound loss. In a period of one year, eight of Alice’s family members died from the ravages of Aids, leaving fourteen children orphaned. After working with Youth with a Mission for fifteen years, Alice was faced with the challenge of caring for fourteen children.

Alice was burdened, broken and overwhelmed with the plight of those children. With no home or income, she stepped forward to take the responsibility of parenting these kids.

In the next few years, other children in the community lost their parents and sought help. The local government recognized the wonderful love that had been offered to the SIITA Nest children and asked Alice to formally register her home. They asked her to take care of many more children. Today, SIITA Nest cares for 275 children.

Over 2 million children in Uganda have lost one or both parents due to AIDS. In the Northern Region of Uganda, thousands of children have been orphaned by the civil war that has raged on for over 20 years.

Abandonment and family breakdown have also affected the family unit, leaving children on the streets and very vulnerable.

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SIITA Nest Mother’s Love Home

Jinja, Uganda

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