siitasnest. Alice Kisolo

The SIITA Nest Mother’s Love Home is one of the favorite orphanages we support through Streams of Mercy!

Located in Jinja, Uganda, this project is directed by Alice Kisolo; one of the most passionate and mercy-hearted people we know. SIITA Nest is a life-changing project with 63 children living in the home and another 170 orphans in Foster families in their area.

Alice also has a heart to help destitute families in her area. She currently has a small preschool, but it meets only a small portion of the need. A much larger community preschool is desperately needed to prepare local children to enter the public school system.

We’ve partnered with SIITA Nest and Alice to help build a large preschool and Community Outreach Center in Uganda. Our dear friends at Life Mission Church in Olathe, Kansas have given generously to build the first two phases of the Preschool/Community Outreach Center.

Here are photos of the first two phases of the building. It will cost $70,000.00 to complete the building. We already have a volunteer construction team ready to travel to Uganda in January.

Phase 1 of the SIITA Nest Preschool Foundation

The First Floor being completed

The First Floor being completed