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Some of the girls at Siita Nest

Sitta Nest Mother’s Love Home is a wonderful orphanage that is home to 70 orphans and at risk children in Jinja, Uganda. They also provide Foster Care for another 160 orphans, children at risk and children coming from extreme poverty.

Streams of Mercy has supported Siita Nest Mother’s Love Home for several years. It is one of the most impressive orphan-care ministries we support. Streams of Mercy will financially partner with YWAM Wylie, Texas to send a building team to construct a NEW dorm facility. This team will impact the nation of Uganda and a future generation by building a boy’s shelter for Sitta Nest in January and February.

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Some of the boys of Siita Nest

The Impact of This Construction/Ministry Team:

  1.  Sitta Nest will be able to impact the lives of a larger number of impoverished boys who need a home. These children will also be able to attend a school located on the adjoining property. This home is incredibly effective in demonstrating God’s Father heart. The lives of these kids are transformed by God’s love through Siita Nest.
  2. This shelter will give Sitta Nest an ongoing sustainable income from the school located beside them. This project will give them additional ongoing income, from within their own nation.
  3. YWAM Wylie’s Construction Missions team will mentor five young men, who have grown up in Sitta Nest. While the team is building the shelter, these young men will learn basic construction skills, that will enable them to earn an income in the future in construction. The YWAM team will also invest in the lives of these young men spiritually while they live at the orphanage.
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Alice Kisolo Cares For Orphans

The immediate need for this project is $25,000 for building materials to finish Phase One. This will enclose the new shelter. Will you consider a generous year-end donation that will enable this construction team to build the facility that will have a major impact on the lives of so many young people in Uganda?

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