He’s 5 years old and just spent 4 days in Jail

He’s 5 years old and just spent 4 days in jail. His crime?  He lives on the streets of Addis Ababa.

Leaders from across Africa are meeting in Ethiopia this week, and it doesn’t look good to have children living on the streets, so Nati was rounded up and put in jail for 4 days. This is the life of street children.

Traveling With Bishop E.C. Okoye from Nigeria

The children may be orphans. They could also be run-aways. Some come from families too poor to feed them. Allocate them are loved by God and a wonderful ministry called the Forsaken Children.

Some of the Kids from the Forsaken Children

The Forsaken Children is a day shelter for street kids. The children receive food, education and genuine love. Streams of Mercy supports this caring ministry.

Post written by
Wick Nease
On the ground in Africa with the Streams Of Mercy Team