We boarded the long-boat in Jinja for the hour and a half boat ride to Lingira Island.  Our team was headed into the final few hours of our time in Uganda – the Pearl of Africa.  I wasn’t sure what to expect when we booked the boat ride.  It was to be either a 40 or a 15 passenger boat. I wasn’t sure about the size, but I thought it would not be extremely large.  The Long boat was low slung, and seated about 15, if everyone squeezed in.  It had an outboard motor.  We began the journey to Lingira.

On The Boat To Lingira Island

Lingira Island has a sordid history.  It was the place where convicts fled to avoid prison.  All types of criminals and the castoffs of society made their way to that patch of land in the middle of Lake Victoria.  The police never went there, and it was known for it’s lawlessness.  Several years ago, a committed group of Christians headed to Lingira to bring medical care and the message of hope.  They established a clinic that provides medical help to the residents of Lingira and the surrounding islands.  Thousands live on those islands.

10 Of Us Traveled on This Boat Into Lake Victoria
This is how they got us on and off the boat

Now we made our way through the smooth waters of that huge lake and anticipated our arrival.  When we landed, it was on a small patch of ‘beach’.  We trekked off toward the village, and soon were transported to the Africa of 100 years ago.  The grass and mud huts lined the small paths, and I felt that we were in Africa of old.  Winding our way on the path, we came to the medical clinic and campus.  The small number of dedicated staff have huge hearts to help the people in these islands.  They have a trained medical officer, and wonderful clinic building.  Every week is a huge commitment on their part to live in this isolated location.  Their needs are for more medical personnel and the funds for medicines and medical supplies.

Lingira Children
The Children of Lingira Island

As we walked away from the clinic and headed back to the boat for our return trip to Jinja, my heart was flooded with the revelation of God’s amazing love for the thousands who live in the middle of this lake.  I began to sing a song my dear friends in Harlem, NY sing.  It says “You are awesome in this place, Mighty God, You are awesome in this place Abba Father, You are worthy of all praise, to You our hearts we raise, You are Awesome in this place, Mighty God”.  Tears came to my eyes as we walked back to the boat.  Surely His heart goes out to the precious people of Lingira.  I was motivated to ‘do something’ about the needs of the medical clinic, and to champion their needs. Would you like to be a part of bringing His love to this land?

Post written by
Wick Nease
On the ground in Africa with the Streams Of Mercy Team