The Medical Clinic Staff

We arrived at the Medical clinic about an hour outside of Jinja, Uganda.  The clinic is impressive on it’s own.  It is a place for the poorest of the poor to receive excellent medical care, counseling and love.  The staff REALLY care about the patients and their medical conditions, but they care much more for them as people.  If I was to describe what the medical clinic staff  provide most, it is dignity.  The clinic takes care of most treatable illnesses.

Sam and Irene Kisolo

From the medical clinic we went to two families in the Uganda Foster Family Network/Uganda Street Kids.  The first was at the back of the clinic property. The two families are women who have both lost their husbands to Aids, and their children.  The women are both HIV positive.  One of the women has 15 children, the other has two.  Both were desperately poor, living without hope when they were taken into the Foster Family Network.  Sam Kisolo is the founder of this ministry and the one who cares for them now.  The women live in brick homes with concrete floors, and they are lovingly cared for.

After visiting another family, we started the day with the semi-annual celebration of the Foster Families.  What an life changing day!!!  The families and children sang for us, worshipped, and danced their way into our hearts. There is this amazing dance in Uganda called “Shaking the Bones”. It’s a celebration of life and joy.  Seldom have I EVER seen anyone dance with such joy.  I honestly did try, but realized right away the my bones just don’t shake that way.

Uganda Foster Family Network: Uganda Street Kids Dance
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The Foster Family Network now cares for 185 people in 27 families.  Gratitude for Sam and his staff flooded all of our hearts when we saw the bright, articulate young people share their dreams for the future.

Jumping Rope with Ugandan Orphans