The Wamakale Family and their 19 Children!

I first met Moses and Panena about a year ago.  We went to their house for dinner and I fell in love with this incredible family.  The parents had a few biological children and then began to adopt Ugandan Orphans.  Moses let us know that with their adopted children, they now had 16.  We met them and were struck with the grace and joy they had in raising a house FULL of children.  These were not just ordinary children, but they were an extraordinary delight to be with.

Four months later, we went to visit Moses and Panena again.  Just for fun, I looked around the room at the Wamakale clan and counted 18 children. When I asked Moses about the number, he just smiled and said “when do you say ‘no’?  I was struck by his comment.  Wow!  When do you say no, when you meet orphans who no one cares for?

We arrived at the Wamakale home in the afternoon.  They served us cool drinks and, just for fun, I counted the children around the room.  Now there are 19!  I didn’t have to ask.  Wamakale is the surname of a family in Uganda.  I believe that it also means “one who loves the ones no one else cares for”.

Post Written by
Wick Nease
On the ground with the Streams of Mercy team in Africa