The children of the Little Lights Children of Lepers Home in Chennai, India

We traveled to the Little Lights Children Of Lepers Home in Chennai India.  We arrived just before the children got home from school.  What a delight to see these children that we’ve known for several years and to be amazed by how much they’ve grown since we first met them.


The children come from 11 different leper colonies near Chennai, and are viewed as the lowest cast in the nation.  As the children of lepers, they’re outcasts and considered not even worthy to receive help.  BUT, they are loved by God and by the caring staff who live with them and provide a real ‘home’ for them. 

I loved seeing the kids overflowing with gratitude for a little thing like an orange. 

We took a group photo of the Little Lights, and then gave them a special treat.  They seldom get oranges, but we had stopped at a market and got oranges for all the kids and the staff.  In a place like India, you begin to realize how many things we take for granted in our culture of abundance.  I loved seeing the kids overflowing with gratitude for a little thing like an orange. 


Then, the children shared in song and dance.  These are very gifted kids who love to celebrate.  They are entering some song and dance competitions soon, and have worked very hard on their productions.  They are so talented, that even in public school, the teachers have asked the children to perform at several of their school events.

We first met Joe three years ago!

It was great to see little ‘Joe” again.  We first met him about three years ago.  He came from a leper colony where his parents would go each day to beg on the streets of the city.  They didn’t want to take their little boy with them, so they tied him to a mango tree every day before they left to go beg.  They placed food and water near him, but his life was limited to just a few feet of space near that tree.   The staff of Little Lights saw him tied to the tree and one day came by when his parents were home.  They asked if little Joe could come to live in their home where he would be loved and given a wonderful education.  They said ‘yes’, and Joe entered the home.  What a delightful little boy!!  He is now filled with life and hope.  Little Joe is a vivid example of what this precious home does for the children of Lepers.