We spent the morning with Irene who, with her husband, leads the Foster Family Network here in Jinja. The FFN is a community support network who collectivelyhave taken in 250 at risk kids into their homes and really embraced them into their families. They work together, they support each other-it’s incredible! It could very well be the best example of community I’ve ever seen.


They’ve just started a farm to help provide additional food for the foster families, since the cost of food is skyrocketing in Uganda. All the families participate in working on the farm. Irene held beans in her hand that will provide much needed protein in their diets.


Since being here we’ve met children whose parents have both died of AIDS, and discovered that a huge risk to children here is being kidnapped or taken after their parents die of Aids to be murdered in child sacrifices. Some believe that in sacrificing a child they will gain wealth.

The Uganda Foster Family Network is such an amazing group of families who are truly transforming the lives of vulnerable orphans and at risk kids!


To find out more about this project, and how you can get involved, CLICK HERE