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The New Widows and Orphans Home – Adama, Ethiopia

Widows and our Team As I write this blog we have just had an official ceremony opening the new Widows and Orphans home in Adama Ethiopia. The new building is stunning!  Two of the five stories have been completed and are now occupied.  I was here in June, and the change is amazing. Widows lined the entry way and greeted

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Living Hope Home – Ethiopia

At Living Hope Home with Nigerian Bishop Okoye We headed South out of the Capitol of Addis Ababa into the Rift Valley.  Addis is in the mountains and we descended into the low lands. We traveled toward Adama, and two different homes. The first home was the Living Hope Women’s Home, a home for girls in crisis pregnancy. The girls

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The Forsaken Children of Ethiopia

He’s 5 years old and just spent 4 days in Jail He’s 5 years old and just spent 4 days in jail. His crime?  He lives on the streets of Addis Ababa. Leaders from across Africa are meeting in Ethiopia this week, and it doesn’t look good to have children living on the streets, so Nati was rounded up and

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The Boat To Lingira Island We boarded the long-boat in Jinja for the hour and a half boat ride to Lingira Island.  Our team was headed into the final few hours of our time in Uganda – the Pearl of Africa.  I wasn’t sure what to expect when we booked the boat ride.  It was to be either a 40 or a 15 passenger

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Celebrating Life & Shaking the Bones

The Medical Clinic Staff We arrived at the Medical clinic about an hour outside of Jinja, Uganda.  The clinic is impressive on it’s own.  It is a place for the poorest of the poor to receive excellent medical care, counseling and love.  The staff REALLY care about the patients and their medical conditions, but they care much more for them

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The Wamakale Family…19 Kids and Counting!

The Wamakale Family and their 19 Children! I first met Moses and Panena about a year ago.  We went to their house for dinner and I fell in love with this incredible family.  The parents had a few biological children and then began to adopt Ugandan Orphans.  Moses let us know that with their adopted children, they now had 16.

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Day Two: Siita Nest – Jinja, Uganda

Handing out Toys at Siita Nest orphanage Day two in Uganda has been a wonderful time. We began at the Siita Nest Orphanage in Jinja, Uganda. Alice Kisolo is the director of this orphanage. Alice is an amazing personality. I call her the cross between Mother Teresa and Queen Latifa. She is all of this and more. The children and

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St. Ameria Orphanage, Mbiko, Uganda

Handing out gifts and candy I remember the first time I saw a photo of St. Ameria Orphanage and School outside of Jinja, Uganda.  It was a collection of ragged buildings.  Most of them constructed with sticks, holding up a tin roof.  The buildings are all brick now.  What do you do in Uganda when you need to build a

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New Creation School, Kampala, Uganda

Our Current Africa Team Hi from Uganda!!  We’ve just finished the first day here, and already are overwhelmed with what we’ve seen and experienced today.  Our very full day started early with breakfast and our first team meeting.  From the guest house, we headed off to the New Creation School for Sudanese refugee children.  Sudan has been in a prolonged

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