We want to thank everyone who has given to the Coronavirus Relief Fund.

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We are so very grateful, and at the same time, overwhelmed by the massive needs of desperate people in India, Africa, and Central Asia. We currently have 12 teams spread across three continents, meeting the needs of thousands of starving people. Please continue to pray for us, and thanks to those who are giving to meet these desperate needs.

Coronavirus relief continues…

Our Bethel Northern India Ministries team has been working long hours in the midst of all the government lockdowns which caused increased poverty and starvation.  They bring food and supplies to day laborers who rely on their daily work in order to buy their necessities each day. Because of this lockdown, they have no means of work and no way to buy food. Hunger and starvation are the new ’normal’ for these families.

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Ratan Mahil

Ratan Mahli lives in a remote village called Upparbanda, in the Tribal region of Northern India.

Ratan cuts wood from the forest to sell in a nearby market. He has not been able to go to cut the wood because of the Government lockdown. He and his family had nothing to eat for days when our team arrived. No one in the village could help because most had nothing to share. Many other families were starving as well. When the team arrived, they brought a month’s worth of food for these families and hope as well.

Thanks for your commitment to care for these desperate families.

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$40.00 Will feed an entire family for a whole month!

Will you partner with us to help those who cannot help themselves?

We have people on the ground who are distributing the food now.

Yes, I will feed starving families in India and Africa!