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Kids at Ethiopia Forsaken Children Drop-In Center education

Hope for Orphans – Education Breaks The Chains Of Poverty

As summer ends, we rejoice over the new students that are in upper-level education! These young people are walking towards a bright future, breaking the chains of poverty. Streams of Mercy’s project, Education for Orphans, gives hope to those who have no way to finish their education. Last semester, we saw several young people graduate! They are now working in

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Kids from the Uganda Foster Family School looking directly into the camera

Education for Orphans – Breaking the Cycle of Poverty

Rejoice With Us Over Our Graduates! If orphans do not get an education, education breaks the chains of poverty.  Rejoice with us, five of our Ugandan college students have graduated! The last two are so close. One has a final semester. The last is in an engineering program which requires 2 more years of education. Streams of Mercy, through our

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2021: A Year Of Incredible Impact

This has been an incredible year of caring for the poor and needy! Through all of the challenges our world has faced these past two years, our organization has seen incredible growth and increased impact around the world.  While it is nearly impossible to summarize everything we’ve accomplished in one post, we have gathered several key highlights that have made

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Coronavirus Emergency Relief Fund Update

Coronavirus. COVID-19. SARS-CoV-2. Whatever name you go by everywhere you go in the world people know what you are talking about. This is probably one of the few times in history that one word is so easily recognized in every language and people group. While the COVID-19 itself is concerning, the effects reach very deep in every life. While we

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Education for Orphans

Try to imagine you are living on $2 a day, you are lucky because you have a personal farm, providing food for your family!  Everyone helps to keep the crops growing. You are helpless to provide for the dreams you have for your children. Education is not free: There are costs for uniforms, books, paper, supplies, exams, and a school

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We have a new look!

You’ve probably noticed over the past few weeks that we’ve been making some changes to our overall look and feel. We’re excited to announce that we’ve recently partnered with Avenue 153 and Fifty Elevn who have been in the process of rejuvenating and refreshing our brand, messaging, and marketing to bring them up to the level of the work that

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Coronavirus Relief Fund

Our Coronavirus Emergency Relief Fund

COVID-19 Is Destroying Lives! I’m in my office late tonight, and the question keeps ringing in my heart: “What is God’s Heart for the Desperately needy during this pandemic?” The COVID-19 lockdown has been very challenging for us. I hate not being able to see and hold my grandkids. I miss seeing my friends, and I hate not being able

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