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This Baby Was Thrown Away!!!

On Easter Friday, Maria was working in her vegetable garden when she heard a crying baby. She asked her husband about it, but he thought it was a neighbor’s baby. She continued to work in the garden. On Sunday night, while in bed, she heard the baby cry again. Her husband thought it was a stray cat. But then, he

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Mama Alice Celebrates with the Children of SIITA Nest

Celebration Brings Healing! – SIITA Nest Mother’s Love Home

SIITA Nest Mother’s Love Home – Jinja Uganda We arrived at SIITA Nest Mother’s Love Home and were greeted by an amazing group of children.  These kids are orphans and those who have been cast away from their families.  ALL of them are precious kids who now have an amazing family in SIITA Nest Mother’s Love Home!  SIITA stands for

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They Had 5 Babies and One Can of Formula – THE HOUSE OF JOY

The House of Joy is one of those amazing ministries that we support through Streams of Mercy. They are located in the remote Rift Valley region of Ethiopia. This orphanage currently has five babies who have been abandoned or relinquished. We visited the House of Joy in March, just before it was launched. No babies were in the home yet,

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The Forsaken Children

We arrived at The Forsaken Children and I was once again struck by the scope of their ministries to street children. There are 100,000 children living on the streets of Addis Ababa. When I heard that statistic, I was overwhelmed by the desperate need of those kids. But, the Forsaken Children staff are reaching out to the children of the streets

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Hunger Is Heavier Than This Food The elderly woman stood bent over and very frail. We were at the food distribution for destitute widows in the city of Adama, several years ago. This was their monthly food distribution. 20 widows would receive a life-sustaining gift of food that day. It was enough food to sustain them for the next 30

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She was a gang leader at age 9

Claudia’s* mother died when she was just five years old. Her father informed her that she really didn’t need a mother, and was going to be fine without one. Since her dad was an alcoholic, Claudia began a journey into a life of neglect, and became very hard and very tough. She is a natural leader, and became a gang

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