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Colombia Journey

We arrived in Columbia Sunday afternoon.  It was a beautiful sunny day, but very chilly. Even though Bogota is in the tropics, it is at an altitude of 8700 feet, which makes it very cool much of the year. What a delight to see Steve Bartel greet us as we came out of customs. He took us right away to the Bogota

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Ethiopia: Bringing Hope to the Desperately Needy

    Kore (Korah), Ethiopia is the most desperately poor area of the world that I’ve ever seen in all of my years of traveling across the globe.  Most of the homes are made of mud or tin.  All of the people live in desperate poverty. There is a major road through the middle of Kore, but it’s the road

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Conquering AIDS in Orphans – The Santvana Comforter AIDS Orphanage

Aids and HIV are dreaded words. How do you conquer this dreaded disease? Sometimes there will be a miracle, and a child diagnosed with HIV/AIDS will totally beat the disease. This is rare, but has happened at the Santvana Comforter AIDS Kids Home in Pune, India. The children are given a great diet, and loving care. Eventually they will have

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Yes it’s true! Jan and I were attacked in India. It didn’t happen on the streets. It happened the small apartment, in a plain, ordinary apartment building in Pune, India.  We were the unexpected victims of the attack of precious little kids from the Transition Home of the Good Shepherd Homes. As soon as we walked in the door they

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We arrived into our hotel at 6:00 AM. We would only be able to have about five hours sleep before we headed out for our first orphanage. Our first stop was the Good Shepherd Homes and offices in Talegaon, India. GOOD SHEPHERD HOMES The Good Shepherd Holmes is an amazing ministry in three different locations in this nation. The first

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    Today our team spent time at the Widows & Orphans Home in Adama. The home is run by a very capable Ethiopian woman, and is home to a group of widows and orphans awaiting adoption. There is a mural painted on the wall of the baby nursery says “But God had a plan to save them all”.    

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  Last night our team landed in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and we hit the ground running this morning. We loaded up in a van to join some friends who work on the ground here to deliver much needed supplies to a group of widows in a remote village near Adama. These widows are destitute. They don’t have anyone to care

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Jinja Village Clinic

We also spent some time yesterday with the staff and patients at a clinic in the middle of a remote area outside of Jinja. A little baby named Blessing has been sick with an upper respiratory infection for a while now. His father asked if our team would pray for his son. We gathered around him and asked the Healer

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