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The Uganda Foster Family Network

We spent the morning with Irene who, with her husband, leads the Foster Family Network here in Jinja. The FFN is a community support network who collectivelyhave taken in 250 at risk kids into their homes and really embraced them into their families. They work together, they support each other-it’s incredible! It could very well be the best example of

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Our First Day Back in Jinja

Jinja, Uganda Peaceful, calm, serene–that’s how our first full day on the ground in Jinja began. Our first stop was to spend time with the YWAM Uganda staff and see the terrific impact they are having in lifting up the marginalized people that live around them.   They run a vocational training school, a Bible School & the most amazing

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Little Lights • Children Of Leper’s Home

The children of the Little Lights Children of Lepers Home in Chennai, India We traveled to the Little Lights Children Of Lepers Home in Chennai India.  We arrived just before the children got home from school.  What a delight to see these children that we’ve known for several years and to be amazed by how much they’ve grown since we

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“Comforter” childrens’ home

From the red light district we drove to the Comforter Childrens home, which is home to 27 kids (some are HIV+ and some are not). Dr. Ed is the director of both the project in the red light district & the Comforter home. She’s not just taking in kids who have no one else & giving them shelter, but she

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